Cutter est né dans le garage de JB (ex-Prejudice GVA) sous le nom Kill all the goats, avec Pascal à la batterie et Tom à la guitare/voix. Le premier concert s’est fait dans le chalet d’un copain qui fêtait l’obtention de sa nationalité française et le dernier au Bistro des Tilleuls avec le groupe russe Jars. A l’époque du premier concert, c’est déjà Chloé qui avait repris la basse et le groupe s’appelait Catalgine, en référence à un morceau de Carther-Matha, groupe qui appartient à la préhistoire du hardcore DIY en France. C’est également avec Chloé que Catalagine enregistre sa démo/EP « 5500 slippery goats », dans le sous-sol d’un copain qui s’était construit un petit studio. C’est par cette enregistrement que Julien découvre le groupe et finalement le rejoint quand Chloé lache le poste de bassiste. Le groupe change de nouveau de nom pour Cutter. La meilleur étiquette qu’il ait reçue, c’est « noise-rock 80s » – bien qu’on voit pas très bien à quoi ça peut correspondre mais sûrement un truc bien primitif. Les gens font aussi régulièrement référence à Rage against the machine pour parler du groupe. Faîtes attention à ce que vous dîtes, quand même, les gens.

Salut Andrew, Julien La Machine, Olive LowLightConditions et Smutt, Deaf Lingo, Disco-Boule, Nevraska, Flo Cosmique et son Orchidée, Nurse et la Poulpe family, Don Aman, Milkshaker, Fisted by a priest, Julien Chateau-rouge, DKDance, Sheik Anorak et Shaakalens Bror, Jars, Dewaere !

Merci aux Tanneries de Rumilly, à Greg et son Poulpe, à Swoltan, Alexandre et aux Digital natives, aux Pirates et à leur Brasserie, à ceux qui partent en Spirale et à ceux qui tisent sous les Tilleuls et à ceux qu’on oublie !

Cutter is fucking dead !

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PS Bon, si jamais, Pascal cherche à monter un projet post-punk/cold/EBM, Julien est partant pour faire la basse dans ton groupe deathcore/Hardcore/Slam/etc. et Tom est au Poulpe tous les vendredis soirs…

« Trans-siberian noise-rock express » : an interview with Jars

Muscovite noise-rockers Jars stopped in our area last November and we had the coolest time. The show was a total blast in a packed Bistro des Tilleuls and in front of an audience gone wild. This interview was done after the gig with Anton (guitar, voice), Pavel (bass) and Sasha (drums).

You are in the middle – or, rather three-quarters, – of the tour, how has it been going so far ?

Pavel : So far, two days off but the second day off was because of the car. We didn’t want it, we didn’t have a rest, we just fucked up with the car.

But they managed to put up another gig for you, didn’t they ?

Sasha : Yeah, and the second gig was even better ! Much more people came and everyone enjoyed it so much ! We had a great time in Guéret !

Is it your first European tour ?

Anton : No, I’ve been playing in Jars for 8 years, with a lot of different people,. We’ve been together for about two years. This is our first big European tour. Our first time further to the west than Germany.

S : So it’s our first time in France, in Spain, etc. all together. Definitely worth it !

Your last record was put out by a French guy, Lionel from Pogo records. Can you tell me the story behind it ?

A : The story is really simple. He just wrote us on Facebook and asked if he could put our record on his bandcamp. I said yes and then he helped us releasing the new one. He also helps a lot on this tour, sending info to everyone, spreading the word. Thank you, Lionel !

S : Yeah, he is a great guy.

Your music is grounded in noise-rock but you sing in Russian, unlike many bands who sing in English even if they’re not from this country…

A : We have some records in English – early ones. For me, it’s very important that the words I sing touch me. I need to feel what I sing. And, at some point, English stops doing it. The lyrics in Russian are a good way to go deeper… To tell yourself what you think and feel about different things.

P : I’d like to add that, on this tour, we played with different bands from different countries and when the bands sing in their native language, for some reason, it’s more interesting. Today, in the van, we listened to a band from Basque country, they sing in their language and it’s really great !

A : It makes music more diverse…

Anton, obviously the lyrics are important for you… It’s something that you spend time on ?

A : A lot of time…

S : After the song is ready, Anton spends several months creating the lyrics. This is how important it is to him.

A : Some of the new songs that we played tonight, the lyrics are in process. But no one can understand them. (Laughs)

Yeah, except when you explain it between the songs just like you did tonight when you talked to us about political events happening in Russia… Is the political situation in Russia something that has an influence on your music?

A : Not the music but the lyrics, definitely. Everything comes from the feelings inside… so maybe our music too !

It’s quite unusual for a noise-rock band. Usually punk and hardcore bands are more into politics…

A : I consider us as a punk band ! And, anyway, if you walk in the street with a guitar and somebody stops you and ask about what you play, it’s easier to answer « I play punk. » than going into details about noise-rock…

S : Basically, noone understand what noise-rock is. (Laughs)

So how is it to be a punk band – or a noise-rock band – nowadays in Moscow ?

A : Nowadays, Moscow is a good place to do any kind of music ! We have strong social networks, a strong scene. If you want to book a gig, you just do it. I’ve been in the punk scene for a very long time. I know everyone so it’s kind of easy for us.

S : I see a lot of newcomers and a lot of great new bands. In my opinion the scene in Russia and in Moscow in particular are on their rise. It’s really wild !

A : And there are people who want to listen to it, that’s very important !

S : And when you are in this environment, it’s so inspiring that it really helps you to push yourself and rise above yourself. Actually, I think that right now Moscow is the best place in the world to create music !

A : Yeah, one of the best place ! Ten years ago, we needed a lot of media to do a good show. Today we still need it but it’s much easier.

P : I think somehow that people have changed. They are far more interested in knowing what other guys are doing.

A : Yeah, ten years ago, a good band was a band singing in English. You were good if you played like Arctic monkeys. Now you’re good if you play like Grazhdanskaya Oborona and you sing in Russian ! Now we’re looking inside our own culture.

S : And also there are a lot of bands from different parts of our country, not just Moscow : Khabarovsk, Irkoutsk, Vladivostok…

A : And the guy who drives us has played a major role in that !

Yeah, you talked about Denis during dinner…  So, let’s pay tribute to the man ! You said he was able to drive from Portugal to Vladivostok !

P : Several times !

A : He did six tours from Moscow to Vladivostok. The point of this tour is the connection between different cities and it really works ! Now we have a lot of friends from Siberia…

S : Yeah, it makes touring way easier. Some years ago, it was almost impossible to imagine that you could tour through the whole country, right now it seems doable even if it’s difficult. It just takes a lot of time but you know almost everyone on the way, great people and great bands. So it’s easy : you quit your job and go touring ! (Laughs)

OK, so can you educate me a little about the Russian scene ? Can you give me some names that are important to you ?

P : Oh, we’ve been asked that before and you’ll need to stop us because the list is long !

A : So let’s set up the rules : only bands that are active now, ok ?

S : The first band that comes to my mind is EEVA. Great band, the guitarist was in the audience. He lives in France right now. And also, another band : RAPE TAPE from Khabarovsk…

A : Terrible name…

S : It’s an absolutely insanely great band ! I think it’s one of the best live bands in the world right now !

A : My choice is Pozori. It’s feminist electro-punk. Right now, they kind of disbanded but soon there will be a kind of reunion. I plan to play in this band. (Update : Anton is now playing bass in Pozori. -Ed.) It’s noisy, it’s angry and it’s kind of funny. It’s music that punches you in the face ! By a girl ! Fucking cool !

S : I have to say that the music is absolutely disgusting ! You will love it !

A : And my second choice will be C.X. They call themselves « boozecore ». It’s really slow sludge metal. They sing about literally two things : weed and vodka. They are so simple that it becomes political. Weed is restricted in Russia. Vodka is not restricted but not admired. They sing against cops – or pigs, as they say – and their message is : you don’t have to tell me what to do. I will smoke weed and drink vodka everyday !

P : My first choice is Supergoats, two guys form a town called Kirov, one is on drums and the other sings and play guitar and I’ll call their music raw-power-rock. They sing about dicks, tits and fuck. On one side, it’s very silly but on the other side it’s very raw, very arghhhhh !

S : It’s great fun, they are so wild ! The vocalist beats himself in the face during the show  and he beats himself really hard ! And he dances on the stage like this (pushing objects around. Ed.) It’s really fun. I love this ! Great shows !

P : His name is Pavel too. He is a big figure in the Kirov underground scene !

A : He is the Steve Albini of Kirov. Great guy !

P : The second band is IBN. I play in this band but I mentioning it because I only play the bass. The guy I play with is 10 years younger than me and I absolutely love him because of his fresh and open mind and his great ideas. As a person a bit older, it’s great to work with a younger, high-energy guy. It’s something like noise-rock but not as aggressive as Jars, it’s softer but… we do great shows too !

Thanks, I will listen to all the names that you have mentioned. There’s one name that comes to mind and that’s Pussy riot, the one Russian band that we have heard of in France in the recent years. So… do you have things to say about them ?

A : I took part in one of their actions and I got punched in the face ! (Laughs) It was really strange : when they see girls who gets power, they immediately get angry. It actually took place in MacDonald’s and I was really surprised that people reacted so quickly. I like them. They do a lot of good things – apart from being now a pop band. With the money they made on tour, they launched a media called Mediazona, which writes about police brutality and human rights and I think it’s the best media I read in Russia now !

S : Yes, it’s the most professional media in Russia today.

You mentioned bands of many different styles… What are you most interested at the moment musically ? What are you looking for when you go to a show or buy a record ? I mean : what’s your personal relationship with music at the moment ? What bores you ? What are you excited about  ?

A : Actually, I like good punk-rock and noise-rock bands that don’t invent anything new. But, right now, I’m interested in improvisation stuff. Playing with rythms and time signatures rather than always the same 4/4 stuff. I like that, I like noise, I like what Death grips does. Pretty ununderstandable music for me, yet. I like… unusual use of instruments. Probably we can mention Lightining bolt. The things they do with only bass and drums are really interesting. I also like minimalistic stuff : you only use the sound of your instrument but try to make something really strange.

Are there any French bands that you like at the moment ?

: Yes, I like Psychotic monks – quite like the Irish band Girl band. I even want to bring them to Russia but I don’t know how to contact them… Also Harpon, frightening music ! There was a band called Doppler. I heard them five or seven years ago and they totally blew my mind : so emotional, so technical, so cool.

S : I would say that… Some time ago, I stopped listening to records by emerging bands. Because I always want to see the band live first. The records are often a bad intermediary for the energy that the band has live. So I prefer going to live shows. Sometimes the records are cool but on stage it’s not so powerful and no so emotional. And also I’m in my thirties so I think it’s time to stop aligning my identity with the music I listen to. I don’t care about the style. I listen to jazz, academic music, everything ! It’s just about the talent of people who are really into what they are doing.

A : Actually, I do remember another French band : Aussitôt mort… or Mort mort mort ! We played with them in Moscow and Denis drove them ! It would be a crime to forget cool French punk bands like this.

P : I’m afraid that my answers aren’t that interesting… I’m trying to listen to new music, new bands and so on but, for some reason, I still like bands from the old age and for some reason I am still inspired by the Beatles and so on. Old stuff ! I listen to some new music but my heart, for some reason, is still with this old age. Sorry ! (Laughs)

Photo live : lowlightconditions. Merci à toi.

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« William Burroughs Haute-Savoie microtour – jour 2 » (Jars, Cutter – Bistro des Tilleuls, 23 nov.)

Suite de nos aventures au pays de la noise. Après une première soirée haute en couleurs – et comment ne serait-ce pas le cas avec les gais lurons légèrement cramés de Dewaere ? -, fatigués mais euphoriques mais attention sans autre drogue dans le corps que l’adrénaline et l’endorphine, on file vers Annecy et son fameux Bistro des Tilleuls.

Là-bas, les choses se lancent doucement. Les Russes ont du retard. On admire les travaux réalisés dans l’été qui optimise l’espace de scène. Jars arrivent. On fait connaissance, on mange et on fait les balances. A peu près en même temps. Matt, qui nous accueille, trime comme un dingue. A la fois au bar, au son et au service. Il est déjà 21 h 30. Les Russes ont l’air trop sympa. Le public est là. C’est cool.

On ouvre la soirée avec Cutter, devant un public déjà bien compact, puis c’est au tour de Jars de monter sur scène. Repérés sur un ou deux webzines et sur la foi de quelques morceaux, on est bien curieux de voir ce que ça va donner.

Jésus, y’a certainement pas de lézard. Jars, c’est le power trio par excellence. Formation rapprochée, combative, qui maintient un feu nourri jusqu’à ce que tu tombes à genoux.

Leur noise-rock sale et lourdingue évoque irrésistiblement quelques figures du genre : Big black, ou Jesus lizard pour les arpèges torves, mais aussi parfois des trucs plus rock mais pas moins énervés – Nirvana période Bleach, pour être précis. Et cette voix rauque gueulée en russe qui en rajoute encore dans la rage crue. Les groupes qui chantent dans leur propre langue ont quelque chose en plus, pas en moins. Enfin, certains.

Le public massé devant la petite scène est immédiatement ultra réceptif. Pogo, chutes diverses et variées, mouvements de foule plus ou moins contrôlés. La salle est sombre, moîte et méchamment houleuse. Soir de gros temps. Sasha, le très sympathique batteur blond, rayonne derrière ses fûts. Il nous fait un show pas possible à base de grimaces maniaco-euphoriques et cogne comme un damné. Plaisir d’offrir, joie de recevoir.

Ce qu’offre Jars, c’est un set intense et punitif, mené d’une main sûre, qui s’achève dans un chaos de larsens et de hurlements. Ce genre de groupe authentique et sincère, qui sera pour toujours hors des radars, ne se croise que sur la route. Fallait être là. L’excellente interview réalisée dans l’arrière-cuisine du resto confirmera pleinement cette impression.

Affaire à suivre, sans aucun doute.

Les chouettes photos sont de l’ami Olive et de son site LowLightConditions.

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GIG ALERT ! : William Burroughs Haute-Savoie microtour

Avec Cutter, on aura le plaisir de jouer deux fois ce weekend. Cette petite pub, c’est pas tellement pour nous – quoique, hé hé – mais surtout parce que ce sera avec deux très chouettes groupes – Dewaere et leur noise-rock lyrique explosif, Jars et leur post-punk noise hargneux – et dans deux supers endroits (les deux meilleurs du coin ?) : le Poulpe et le Bistro des Tilleuls.

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